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Why Do People Give Up So Easily?

It is easy to give up when things get tough, but it is much harder to push through to success. More often than not people give up on their dreams or even their short-term goals for the silliest reasons. We have collected a few of the most common reasons people give up so easily and what you can do to avoid them.

Low Levels of Confidence

Not everyone is born with charisma or even confidence, but over time you can cultivate it. Poor levels of self-confidence are one of the biggest factors behind unfinished goals. It is important to keep faith in your own abilities regardless of how minor they may be. Trust your judgment and your dedication and you will find a way to push through even when things seem impossible to bear.

Lack of Perseverance

Too many people are used to instant gratification. These same people also fail to understand the sheer amount of hard work needed to move ahead. When you lack perseverance, it can lead to quitting as soon as a task becomes tedious or complex. Instead, make a habit of forcing yourself to work harder and wait longer for results. Not only will this encourage the development of a strong work ethic, but it will also prevent you from giving up easily.


We all have actions or words that we regret, but that should never stop us from growing as individuals. This regret is a major cause of people failing to move forward in life. This also goes hand in hand with getting stuck in the past. Both can hold you down and make you question every decision that would otherwise lift you up.

Taking Bad Advice

There are plenty of people out there who will offer advice on everything from how to cut your nails to how to select a life partner. While it is a good idea to seek out information, blindly taking advice that is not meant for you can lead to failure. When you take advice that is not relevant to you or your situation, it can make things much harder to achieve. As a result, the likely hood of giving up halfway through increases. Instead, look for people who share your same concerns, ideals, and struggles. If they have achieved what you want to achieve, then seek out their advice.

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