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How to Improve Your Organisational Skills

You need organisational skills to reach the upper echelon of the employee ladder with your career. Employers highly value employees with masterful organisation, giving you a better chance to climb the corporate ladder.

Learn the Art of Delegation

Doing everything yourself might feel like the only way to get things done, but employers don’t appreciate it. They want you to know how to leverage a team and work with people. Leaders delegate; they don’t micro-manage, so learn the difference between them.

Make a To-Do List

Being proactive means planning your day and working on the plan. Making a to-do list prevents you from forgetting tasks and serves as a way to build momentum throughout the day as you cross everything off your list. You’ll find you get a sense of satisfaction as you see the list getting shorter.

Plan Your Schedule

A to-do list is important, as is a schedule. Spending too much time on a specific task is not good if it will hold you back from achieving the rest of the tasks on your list. This is where your delegation skills come into play. Ask another team member to finish your assignment while you carry on with the next one on the list., Effective scheduling shows the structure, and that’s highly valued by employers.

Create a Filing System

While most files are digital, you’ll need to know where they’re stored to reduce inefficiencies. Searching for lost digital files using the search function can take as much time as searching for misplaced physical files. Keep a master document of your files and their location.

Make the Most of Your Productive Hours

Most people are more productive in the morning than in the afternoon. Don’t waste these valuable hours drinking coffee and chatting with the team – get your work done. Block out distractions for the first three to four hours of the work day, build your to-do list, and get to work. Sit at your desk and focus on your work and nothing else. When you get going, you’ll find it easier to slip into a flow state where you achieve more with your time.

Stop Interruptions

Distractions and interruptions stall your productivity and lessen your results. Implement an email away from desk auto-response and use it to prevent unnecessary emails from holding you back during your productive hours. Get to the emails in the afternoon when you have time. Put your phone on flight mode to stop notifications and wear noise-cancelling headphones if you work in a noisy environment.

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