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Highlighting Your Organisational Skills: Tips for Your Resume

How to Mention Organisational Skills in Your Resume

A resume is a concise version of a CV, and candidates have less opportunity to use it to present their skill set. However, that doesn't mean you can't do your best to highlight them. More than 40% of employers review the candidate's resume to gauge an applicant's range of organizational skills. Highlighting these skills helps your resume stand out from the competition and improves your chance of receiving an interview request from the prospective employer.

Use them in Your Resume Layout

Concise, clean resumes already display your organizational skills without mentioning them. Proper, organized structure in your resume also assists recruitment scanning tools with the easy location of keywords.

Recruiters utilize applicant tracking systems (ATS) when scanning up to 75% of candidate resumes. A well-organized structure using bullet points makes it easier for these tools to locate the keywords they are looking for.

Match Your Organisational Skills to the Job Description

Employers prefer candidates with specific organizational skills for some company roles, including them in the job description. For instance, they might emphasize the importance of collaboration skills. In this case, highlighting collaboration skills in their resume would benefit candidates.

Describe Yourself Using Organisational Skills

On average, an employer spends around seven seconds reviewing a resume. The summary is the most important part because it tells them much about the candidate. Describe your key organizational skills in the resumes summary section to stand a better chance of the employer reading the entire document.

Display Organisational Skills in Your Experience

The experience section allows candidates to detail their work experience and duties at their previous employer. Candidates should utilize action verbs when describing their skills. Use bullet points to make this section easier to read.

Show How You Used Organisational Skills in Your Previous Job

Employers want to know how you implemented your organizational skills in your previous position. Candidates need to explain their role in their last company. Unpack it in detail, regardless of whether you played a small or large role in the business.

For instance, you might have navigated a cold calling department where you led the team to break the company records for most leads generated in a single day. Open the section using a phrase inspiring confidence in the employer, reassuring them that you're the right candidate for the position.

Something like "Organisation was a critical component of my previous job" will work well and attract attention. Mentioning how you structured the goals into smaller milestones, your planning process, and your project delegation is important to give the finer details of how you broke the record.

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